The Unofficial Athletic, Aviation, & Social Club of an Official Government Agency!

The Spin-Offs Mission:

Helping You Make Friends Throughout The Agency!

The History of The Spin-Offs:

The Spin-Offs began as a simple softball team. Formed in April of 2009 it quickly drew players and fans from all over the Agency. However, in addition to ball games The Team held numerous social events such as happy hours, monument tours, Potomac River cruises, flying lessons, etc. And as word of this fun group of people began to spread, the Team's roster of players, fans, and friends began to grow exponentially.

Today, with a membership of more than 200 Agency employees, contractors, and family members, the The Spin-Offs have grown into the unofficial athletic, aviation, and social club of the Agency. Our athletic programs include a softball team, a kickball team, and a flag football team. Our social program continues to encompass fun activities and events – as does our aviation program! Speaking of which, in addition to our internal aviation club, we’ve also started an external club to help get the public interested in aviation. Finally, we also provide a job-board service to help our members find work with the Agency.

Looking Forward: The Spin-Offs are constantly expanding. As of Spring of 2011 the organization has begun its National Outreach Effort. This effort has a two-fold purpose: (1) To welcome Agency employees who work in other parts of the country but will be visiting or detailed to DC; and (2) To provide volunteer support and expertise to aviation-related community events throughout the country. Click on the "Pro Bono Affairs" link at right for more details!